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Income Tax for Clergy

If you are like most religious workers, we know your schedule is a busy one. We encourage you to take advantage of our special service of doing your tax return by mail.

Whether you choose to have your return prepared in the office or by mail, it is beneficial to check with us first to see what documents you need to provide us in order to allow for accurate preparation. Clergy income tax preparation is a specialized area. There are tax rules in the IRS code that pertain only to clergy. A clergy's payroll IS NOT the same as a regular lay employee's payroll. We specialize in preparing clergy tax returns.

Church Reviews (One day at your location)

Regardless of the size of your congregation, the same tax laws and regulations apply. We'll take a day to review your church bookkeeping to make sure that you are complying with the law safeguarding church assets and have proper internal controls in place.

We will meet with your ministerial staff, the treasurer and the church board to make sure no detail is overlooked and that all your questions are answered.

We take the "pulse" of your church and report to you the findings in a written format.

Computers and Software

Equipping churches for the 21st Century can mean some innovative financial planning. Finding a computer and software to meet your needs can take time to research. At Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC we make the task easy.

Our firm specializes in the sale, installation and training of PowerChurch Plus software. PowerChurch Plus software is the leading software for churches: complete with membership, mailings, fund accounting, general ledger, payroll, payroll reporting, contributions, education library, equipment inventory, sermon filer, music library, attendance, ministry services, visitations and much more. Click here to download a PowerChurch Plus brochure and call us for a software demo. To order PowerChurch Plus, download an order form.

Books a Mess? No Problem!

If your church records are not in good order, we are here to help you. Are you tired of keeping church financial reports manually? How about income and expense reports? We can help you set up accounting software designed specifically for church bookkeeping and can handle membership, contributions, designated funds, accounts payable and payroll.

Church Payroll

Clergy payroll is a specialization. There are payroll rules in the IRS code that pertain only to clergy. A clergy's payroll is not the same as a regular lay employee's payroll. It is very important that the person preparing church payroll understand these rules.

Accounting Packages

We have many church accounting clients for which we do all or part of their accounting. We are glad to discuss your accounting needs with you and send a quote for our services. Offered accounting services are:

  • Entering Contributions
  • Accounts Payable (including year end1099 misc forms)
  • Payroll (including quarterly and year end payroll tax returns and W-2s)
  • Financials
  • Other standard PowerChurch or QuickBooks reports as requested

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