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Business decisions require access to up-to-date, immediate information. You want to react quickly to emerging opportunities; therefore, you shouldn't have to make decisions based on last quarter's financial statements. You need to know where you stand today.

Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC answers the need for timely information with professional accounting services. You select the level and complexity of the services you need based on several options. Our professional team can:

    • Process accounts payable
    • Reconcile your bank statement
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Process payroll
    • Provide month end financial statements
    • Assist you in analyzing your progress 
    • Monitor your business against industry trends
    • Watch for signals that might indicate an issue
    • Alert you to signs that it's time to consider expansion
    • Justify and document a growth move
    • Analyze alternatives in puchasing equipment and retiring debt
    • Provide the best tax and business solutions

At Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC we are responsive to your personal goals, keeping you informed about seminars, conferences and publications that can help you and your business. We show you how to use your business to help secure your future. We help you obtain results by combining specialized, timely, professional service with the kind of personal attention you give your own business.

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