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Vol. 1: PowerChurch: Pastor Salary

Political Activities by Churches


Vol. 2: PowerChurch: Housing Allowance and Parsonage Allowance

Copyright and Publications: Policies to Establish for your Church

Vol. 3: PowerChurch: Completing 941 Payroll Tax Returns

Church Employee Payroll

Vol. 4: PowerChurch: Contribution

Legal Matters:  Forming a Legal Entity in the Church

Vol. 5: PowerChurch: Getting Ready for 1099s

1099 Laws and Independent Contractors

Scorecard of Expired and About to Expire Tax Rules


Vol. 6: PowerChurch: Preparing the 4th Quarter 941 and W2's

Organizational Budget

Substantiating Charitable Contribution by Individuals

Vol. 7:  PowerChurch: End of Year/New Year Checklist

Church Government

Earned Income Credit and Rules


Vol. 8:  PowerChurch: Bank Reconciliation

Church Accounting: Internal Controls

Meal and Entertainment Expenses


Vol. 9:  PowerChurch: Equipment Records

Church Accounting: Housing and Parsonage Allowance

Personal Tax:  Renting Out Your Home


Vol. 10: Church Accounting: Protective Ministry

Personal Tax:  Tax Implications of Divorce


Vol. 11: PowerChurch: New Employees

Church Accounting: Unrelated Business Income Tax

Personal Tax:  Tax Aspects of Caring for the Elderly


Vol. 12: PowerChurch: Are your PowerChurch Files Protected with Passwords?

Church Accounting:  What’s the Difference Between a Lay Employee and a Dual-Status Minister?

Personal Tax:  Deductible Moving Expenses


Vol. 13: PowerChurch: Financial Reports-Balance Sheet

Church Accounting:  Programs and Activities

Taxation of Prizes and Lottery Winnings


Vol. 14: Powerchurch: Financial Reports - Income and Expense Statement

Church Accounting: Filing Requirements

Taxation of Social Security Benefits


Vol. 15: Powerchurch: Financial Reports - Activity Reports

Church Accounting: A New Church Treasurer...Now What?

Tax Breaks For Volunteer Workers


Vol. 16: Financial Reports - Changes in Equity Report

Church Accountability: Annual Certification of Racial Discrimination for Private Schools Form 5578

Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions


Vol. 17: PowerChurch: Entering the Budget

Church Accountability: Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status


Vol. 18: PowerChurch: Extra Income To Report On W-2

Church Accountability: Federal Judge Rules Against Housing Allowance

Announcing 2014 Seminars! 


Vol. 19: PowerChurch: Contributions

Church Accountability: Housing Designation


Vol. 20: PowerChurch: Debit or Credit???

Church Accountability: Embezzlement in the Church


Vol. 21: PowerChurch: Repeating Transactions

Church Accountability: Frequently Asked Questions


Vol. 22: Church Accountability: Why Does a Church Need to Keep Records?


Vol. 23: PowerChurch: Mistakes Happen - Correcting Posted Contributions

Church Accountability: Taxable & Non-Taxable Income


Vol. 24: PowerChurch: Mistakes Happen - Correcting Posted Journal Entries - Part 1

Church Accountability: Employment Taxes for Churches and Non-Profits


Vol. 25: PowerChurch: Mistakes Happen - Correcting Posted Journal Entries - Part 2

Church Accountability: Why Should I Attend a Seminar on "Church Accountability"?

Personal Tax: Simplified Home Office Deduction


Vol. 26: PowerChurch: Mistakes Happen - Correcting Posted Journal Entries - Part 3

Church Accountability: Who is an Independent Contractor?

Personal Tax: The Amazing Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts


Vol. 27: PowerChurch: Mistakes Happen - Correcting Posted Journal Entries - Part 4

Church Accountability: Audit or Procedural Church Review

Personal Tax: Illinois Little Known Tax Benefits


Vol. 28: PowerChurch: Budget

Church Accountability: Church Government

Personal Tax: Money, Money, Money - Education Credits


Vol. 29: PowerChurch: Budget - Part 2

Church Accountability: Ethical Standards in the Church

Personal Tax: To Itemize or Not To Itemize


Vol. 30: Church Accountability: Conflict of Interest Policies

Personal Tax: Health Insurance & Your Tax Return


Vol. 31: PowerChurch: Budget - Part 3

Church Accountability: Confidentiality in the Church


Vol. 32: PowerChurch: Budget - Part 4

Church Accountability: Substantiation and Disclosure Rules: Charitable Contributions


Vol. 33: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Module Setup Correctly?

Church Accountability: Payment of Employee Busiess Expenses

Personal Tax: Child & Dependent Care Expenses


Vol. 34: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Module Setup Correctly? - Part 2

Church Accountability: Retirement Planning for Ministers

Personal Tax: Retirement Plan Distributions - You Can't Afford to Do It Wrong


Vol. 35: Church Accountability: The Ins and Outs of Short Term Mission Trips

Personal Tax: Education Credits - Don't Let the IRS Keep Your Money


Vol. 36: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Setup Correctly? - Part 3

Church Accountability: Phone Scams Continue to be Serious Threat, Remain on IRS "Dirty Dozen" List of Tax Scams for the 2015 Season

Personal Tax: Tax Identity Theft - IRS Cyber Attack Leaves Thousands Vulnerable


Vol. 37: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Model Setup Correctly? - Part 4

Church Accountability: Beware of Fake Charities

Personal Tax: Retirement Plans - Vehicles for Growth & Tax Savings


Vol. 38: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Model Setup Correctly? - Part 5

Church Accountability: Political Activities in the Church

Personal Tax: How Much Does Your Employee Cost You?


Vol. 39: PowerChurch: Is Your Payroll Model Setup Correctly? - Part 6

Church Accountability: Preventing Fraud in the Church

Personal Tax: Form W-4 - How to Keep Your Money


Vol. 40: PowerChurch: Year End Checklist

Church Accountability: Selecting a Tax Preparer

Personal Tax: Beware - The IRS is After 1099s


Vol 41: PowerChurch: Year End Checklist

Church Accountability: Deductible Charitable Contributions

Personal Tax: Breaking News - Year End Tax Saving Opportunities


Vol 42: Church Accountability: Gross Income vs Gift

Personal Tax: Tax Refunds: Expect Delays


Vol 43: PowerChurch: Statement Reconciliation

Church Accountability: Fraud Failsafe

Personal Tax: Depreciation Deadline


Vol 44: PowerChurch: Printing Reports

Church Accountability: 7 Security Tips

Personal Tax: Starting a Business 101


Vol 45: PowerChurch: Building Reports

Church Accountability: Protect Your Tax Records

Personal Tax: Charitable Contributions


Vol 46: PowerChurch: Building Reports

Church Accountability: IRS Involvement


Vol 47: PowerChurch: Building Reports

Church Accountability: Politics and the Church


Vol 48: PowerChurch: Building Reports - Fund Accounting

Church Accountability: Financial Records


Vol 49: PowerChurch: Membership Tracking

Church Accountability: Financial Reporting


Vol 50: PowerChurch: 2017 Budget

Church Accountability: Internal Controls


Vol 51: PowerChurch: Year-End Gifts

Church Accountability: Pastoral Counseling


Vol 52: PowerChurch: Taxable Income Items

Church Accountability: Keeping Records

Personal Tax: Measuring the Miles


Vol 53: PowerChurch: Updating PowerChurchfor 2017

Church Accountability: Filing Your 1099

Personal Tax: New Tax Rates for 2017


Vol 54: PowerChurch: Stewardship Resources

Church Accountability: Tax Prep Assistance

Personal Tax: Company Cars


Vol 55: PowerChurch: Using the Journal Report

Church Accountability: E-File in 2017

Personal Tax: Refunds and Taxes Due


Vol 56: PowerChurch: Designated and Restricted Funds

Church Accountability: What Is Income?

Personal Tax: Tax Extension Reality


Vol 57: PowerChurch: Designated & Restricted Funds: Entering The Receipts

Church Accountability: Contributions

Personal Tax: Underpayment Penalties


Vol 58: PowerChurch: Designated & Restricted Funds: Writing A Check

Church Accountability: How to Set-up Clergy Housing Allowance or Ministers’ Housing Allowance

Personal Tax: Dependents 


Vol 59: PowerChurch: Designated Funds

Church Accountability: IRS Warns of Scam

Personal Tax: Overtime Changes


Vol 60: PowerChurch: Correcting Entries in PowerChurch

Church Accountability: Newlywed Taxes

Personal Tax: Deductible Travel


Vol 61/62: PowerChurch: A Written Memorial Policy and Year-End Prep - Form 1099

Church Accountability: Ministry Business and How To Know It's the IRS

Personal Tax: Illinois Tax Changes


Vol 63: (October 2017 Special Edition): Procedural Church Review 


Vol 64: Check Withholding and Estimates Now to Avoid Surprise at Tax Time

Business versus Hobby: Do Not Let the IRS Decide

4th Quarter Form 941


Vol 65: What are the Tax Implications of Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums and Benefits?

Federal Judge Rules Against Housing Allowance

Year-End Prep for W2 and W3


Vol 66: Illinois Invest in Kids Act

Employment Tax Rules

Update Your 2018 Payroll Tax Tables!


Vol 67: Understanding Deductions under the 2018 Tax Bill

Selecting a Tax Preparer

Understanding the Chart of Accounts


Vol 68: Noticing a bigger paycheck?

Housing Allowance Official Designation

Understanding the Chart of Accounts


Vol 69: 2018 New Child Tax Credit

What Does the Housing Exclusion Include?

Understanding the Chart of Accounts



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2018 Tax Reform


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